In Praise of Facebook

I reluctantly joined Facebook last year. I say “reluctantly” because I didn’t really see its point. However, I have to admit that I have really warmed up to the concept lately. Why? Think of what Facebook actually does. It allows us to keep in contact with friends, past and present, all across the world for free. Facebook allows for this sort of contact in a unique way, with photos, games, groups, etc. You can really get a sense of what your friends are into, and what direction their lives have taken/are taking. I am not saying that I am really all that interested in meeting up with all of my friends or aquaintences from high school or college, but it is nice to know what they are up to, where they are, and I like that I can occasionally send them greetings if need be. Plus, it is cool to be able to share things about my life with my friends, like photos of the new house, or photos of me with my (temporary) beard. Oh yeah, it is also cool to meet new friends online and connect with them through facebook.