Branching Out and Seeing Some Great Golf

Sometimes you just have to branch out and do things you would never otherwise consider. An obvious but important lesson.

Over the weekend, thanks to the generosity of people I know, I scored some tickets to the PGA Senior tournament here in the Cleveland area (thanks to those who got me the tickets; they probably don’t read this, though). I had never watched professional golf before and thought it would be a little boring (I love playing golf, but don’t follow it on TV). Yet, it was a total blast! I saw some of the pros I knew from my childhood like Tom Kite and Greg Norman and got within several feetĀ  of them to boot. Since it was the tournament, I couldn’t take photos, but the memories will last a lifetime. David and I even got about 2 feet from eventual winner Michael Allen who, with his caddy, left the green early and had to walk through the crowd (which at that point was pretty much us since he was not a favorite to win at that point).

All in all, it was an awesome day and I’m glad I tried something new.