Another Study on Vitamin D and MS

I have mentioned before that it is possible that Vitamin D plays a role in the prevention and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, and a new study seems to confirm this. I become more impressed with Vitamin D every day as I read more and more studies. In fact, in a few days I have a pretty big post about Vitamin D and pregnancy coming.

I have been trying to get a lot of sun lately. I really eat up the sun. I usually put sunblock on my face, legs, and forearms this time of year (because they have gotten a lot of sun exposure by now), whereas I tend to do work around the house (or run outside, if I am in the country) without a shirt, if I have a degree of privacy. I try my best to balance the need for free Vitamin D with the damage the sun might do (both cancer and wrinkles).

Research: Multiple Sclerosis could be a Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D keeps me busy. There just seems to be too many positive studies coming out for me to keep track of all of them. Fortunately, the Vitamin D Council produces a newsletter that helps. I highly recommend subscribing!

In what could be an amazing finding, researchers linked the causes of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with Vitamin D deficiency. The Times is reporting that scientists have found a direct genetic link between low Vitamin D levels and MS. Some researchers believe that giving all pregnant mothers, and young children, vitamin D supplements could eradicate Multiple Sclerosis entirely. If this is true, then MS could be a bit like Scurvy, the disease associated with Vitamin C deficiency. Scurvy confounded physicians of the time, until it was found that the juice of a humble lime could cure it.

I supplement with Vitamin D. The supplement is cheap, widely available, and pretty much non-toxic.

In less exciting news, Medicare apparently will no longer pay for Vitamin D blood level testing. So, here we have a vitamin that is associated with lower risks of cancer, heart disease, depression, and MS, and Medicare decides to stop paying for testing for it. This is why I don’t trust the government to make me healthy, and am not too excited about government sponsored health care (not that I am too thrilled with the way private health care has been going).

Coffee May Help Beat Multiple Sclerosis


A study in rodents found that consuming the equivalent of 6-8 cups of coffee per day protected them from developing multiple sclerosis. While the researchers caution that caffeine may not work the same way in adults, the study is promising. Research already suggests that drinking coffee has its health benefits: helping to prevent Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s Disease. Plus, those of us who love coffee find that a nice cup of coffee can make any morning, afternoon, or even evening a little better.

So next time you feel like coffee, have some, and enjoy not only the taste, but the health benefits. Just remember: good old-fashioned home-brewed coffee is just as healthy as the $3.00/cup stuff at Starbucks.