The Little Things

With the worst day of the year fast approaching (although this year’s exact date will be a little different), I wanted to post something about stopping to enjoy the little things in life. I don’t want this post to turn into anything sentimental, but I do think if we focus on (and actually do) the little things we enjoy, stress is more manageable and we are healthier. Here a few of the little things that bring me pleasure:

1. Dunkin Donuts- It has great coffee and espresso and free wireless. I can make coffee and espresso at home and do so often. And, I have the internet at home too. But, there is something nice about getting away to Dunkin’s, either alone or with family, just to relax and get outside the normal routine.

2. TV- This one should not be overdone, of course, but watching a few programs or DVD’s that I really enjoy helps my stress levels. My faves are the Biggest Loser, the Office, Everybody Loves Raymond, McLaughlin Group, Who’s the Boss, and Eddie Murphy action comedies.

3. A Nice Bath- Especially in the winter, getting into a nice, hot bath and just soaking is a great treat.

4. Video Games- I’m 30 years old, but still enjoy playing games. Are they generally mindless? Sure. But, I think a lot: in my job, my classes, my hobbies, and life. Sometimes I just want mindless.

5. Hanging with the family- Everyone is so busy that just sitting down and relaxing with my entire family is a luxury. But, I enjoy it a lot. Finding time for this really shouldn’t be something that requires effort.

6. Prayer– This also shouldn’t be something that I have to make time for, but sadly, it often is. I usually pray in my car on the way to work and then with my family in the evenings. Yet, I also love the Liturgy of the Hours and other more traditional forms of prayer that I need to make more time for.

Now it’s your turn. Find those little things in life that bring you pleasure. You’ll need all of them to deal with the winter days still ahead.