Damn You Paczki!

We have had paczki pastries around work for the last few days, since they areĀ  a pre-Lent custom. They have tempted the heck out of me, and at 290 calories each, they really add up quickly. I have had a real sweet tooth the last few days, and a ravenous appetite. I am not sure where this is coming from. I have been feeling a little sick, but otherwise, fine. I have tried to keep it in check, but resistance has been pretty futile. Fortunately, one of my Lenten disciplines this year is to give up desserts/sweets, and since tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, is a Catholic fast day, I will be limiting my calories for religious reasons. I know it may be cliched to give up sweets for Lent, but sweets have had a real hold on me these last few days!

Damn you Paczki! Damn you Peanut-Butter Cookie Dough Ice cream!