Reason #1,374 to Drink More Coffee


I have written on the health benefits of coffee before, but it seems like research supporting the healthiness of coffee emerges so often, that it is hard to keep up.

I have mentioned before, many, many, times, how much I love coffee. That first cup in the morning, the second cup after lunch, and the third cup after dinner, all make my day more full and enjoyable. That a drink brightens my day so much is a testament to this amazing drink!

Now, if the taste and aroma weren’t enough, research shows that coffee may not only prevent Alzheimer’s, but actually reverse it! Yes, that is right, reverse it. The research was carried out on rats, but it looks promising nonetheless. Researchers gave rats (specially bred to develop Alzheimer’s like dementia) caffeine, the equivalent to 5 cups of coffee a day. They found some amazing things. First of all, the caffeine significantly reduced brain and blood levels of beta-amyloid, the substance many believe is responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. Second, giving young rats of this strain caffeine prevented dementia from developing in these animals, even though they were specifically bred to develop dementia. Third, and very exciting, once the older rats (who had, by this point, developed dementia) started receiving caffeine, they not only stopped losing their memory, but regained what they had lost, having normal memory as regular rats of the same age. In other words, consuming the human equivalent of drinking 5 cups of coffee a day not only prevented dementia, but reversed it.

Drink up.

A Simple Spice Might Prevent Dementia

And that spice is…Turmeric! Turmeric is a part of curry recipes, and is consumed regularly in India. It also so happens that Alzheimer’s disease is rare in India (only 1% of the over-65 population has it, versus 10% in the U.S.). Some researches have suggested a Turmeric-Alzheimer’s connection, i.e., the more Turmeric one consumes, the lower the risk of Alzheimer’s. Research shows that ingredients in Turmeric may act as, or trigger the production of, antioxidants in the brain, which prevents cell damage there.

Do I believe Turmeric is the answer to Alzheimer’s? It is much too early to tell, but I have added it to my supplement regimen. I have done this because it is cheap, and widely used, so I don’t see how it could hurt, but it very well could be very helpful, if it prevents dementia.

Three Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

I ran across a helpful article today that I thought I would share. According to this article on Natural News, recent studies list three things that may be important for preventing Alzheimer’s:

1. Drink Apple Juice

2. Don’t Smoke or Drink Too Much

3. Keep the Mind Sharp

Read the entire article for more information. The only comment I have at this moment is to wonder if raw apples or applesauce provide the same benefit as apple juice. Apple Juice is very high in sugar, whereas apples and applesauce have fiber mixed in with the natural sugars in apples, which mitigates the effect of the sugar.