Foods & Supplements

When we come across important news about a food or supplement, or just feel like a chemical deserves its due, we will pass the information on to you, and compile the links here. This used to be a page entitled “Nutrient of the Month.” This page should be more helpful as it encompasses a wide range of articles. The articles are alphabetized by food or supplement. As always, we include information about relevant research related to each food or supplement.


Bromelain Acts Against Cancer and Inflammation


Chromium Picolinate Helps You Eat Less


Coffee and Multiple Sclerosis

Coffee May Prevent & Reverse Alzheimer’s

Health Benefits of Coffee

Fish Oil

Fish Oil Benefits

Let Them Eat Fish

Green Tea

Green Tea and Weight Loss


Magnesium Benefits


Artificial Light at Night Causes Cancer


My Pre-Work-Out Supplement Cocktail

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort Effective as Prozac


A Simple Spice May Prevent Dementia

Vitamin C

Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin D

African-Americans and Vitamin D

Autism and Vitamin D

Lack of D Leads to Infertility

Lack of D Makes Kids Short and Fat

MS May be Vitamin D Deficiency

Nursing Mothers Need More Vitamin D!

Nutrient of the Month 7/08

Pregnancy and Vitamin D

Spring and Summer Vitamin D Levels

Sun and Speed

Vitamin D and Obesity

Vitamin E

Vitamins E and C Don’t Prevent Cancer

(Image taken by David Bennett)