Creating Reality Begins in the Mind

I mentioned in yesterday’s post an insight I had recently: if you don’t create your own reality, someone else will happily do it for you. To get a sense of the meaning, it’s best to cue ominous music or mentally play Mr. Burns saying “excellent” in your mind when you start reading the second clause. In other words, if we don’t take charge of our destiny, someone else will control it for us. And they won’t always have our dreams in mind.

We are all held captive to others in some way and that’s not always bad. Being bound to others by culture, creed, etc., as long as they’re a positive factor, is not only necessary, but life enriching. Rejecting such experiences solely to be independent or allegedly free is hardly positive and not what I’m referring to.

I’m talking more about a mindless journey through life where one never questions circumstances or experiences and simply follows the lead of advertising, peer pressure, expectations, etc. (to say nothing of cultural and parental values). This mentality is commonplace and is the philosophical equivalent of the parent or teacher response: “because I said so.” We might as well be zombies.

That’s why part of creating our own reality comes through detaching from the numerous systems we’ve invested in. Detachment, as the great sages in every religion have realized, brings happiness because the anxiety is annihilated. For example, a person who has a lot of money can tell his jerk of a boss where to go more easily than someone living paycheck to paycheck.

Most people who talk about creating their own reality want to stop living paycheck to paycheck and want to create wealth. This is not a terrible goal. However, they’ve actually bought into another reality: materialism. Who’s to say that if these people were making 100,000 dollars a month that they wouldn’t still live bigger paycheck to bigger paycheck with all the accompanying dread of bills?

That’s why it’s important to truly create a new reality within ourselves, not just hope to manipulate the world around us for a better outcome. I truly believe in the law of attraction, but I think manifesting is primarily about new ways of imagining. We change the world by first changing our reaction to the world. We create new pictures, new images, within our minds, which create new brain wiring. And, not surprisingly, the world becomes a very different place.

This way of thinking is less flashy and marketable than the get rich quick themes of much create your own reality literature. However, it allows people to truly live in freedom and to forge a path of happiness and joy detached from the systems and people who create other realities primarily to exploit and control.