Dr. Ralph Moss on Hyperthermia and Cancer


Hyperthermia is the process of heating the body, or tumor temperature, or both, in order to kill cancer cells. Because of the complexity of tumors and cancer cells, they can’t cool off as quickly as normal cells, so heat has a more devastating effect on their survival. I have read in the past that fevers have been shown to kill cancer cells, and cancer rates have decreased in times and areas when people have been ill because of infectious disease.  Now, scientists have developed technology which allows heat to be targeted to a tumor, and spare regular cells the intense heat.

However, Ralph Moss points out that while America innovates, it is slow to implement. Other countries, like Germany and China, are already offering hyperthermia treatment for cancer at a variety of clinics, while the U.S. only offers the therapy at a few major centers. Of course, one can create a fever artificially in a variety of ways (including sitting in a hot bath for a long time, or even getting the flu), but neither are particularly safe without supervision.

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