Workout Tip #2: It Takes Two (or more)

For most people, difficult events in life are easier with the help of others. And, fun and exciting events are often more so when shared with other people. Working out qualifies as difficult for most people, even if it’s not on the level of a life changing event. Sticking with a workout is often more difficult still. And, for many people, working out and sticking with it will become easier with a friend.

For some, this could be having a workout partner. Usually, this works best when the person you exercise with is at a similar level. For example, my brother and I would typically do the same workout at graduate school. We were nearly equal in stamina and helped motivate each other to push harder. People of very unequal abilities may not benefit as much since the experience could be frustrating.

For those who are workout loners, a friend could still be beneficial by keeping you accountable or inspired. A good friend who reminds you (gently) to hit the gym or inspires you through his or her own actions is invaluable. Even if you don’t workout at the same time, you can still support each other.

Having a friend who shares your interest in working out could also open up a whole new set of options. Games like tennis, squash, racketball, basketball, football, etc. cannot be played alone. In the case of the last two, having several people would be a plus. But, at least two people could pass the football or play one on one. One on none isn’t quite the same.

So, call up a friend, a relative, or even your spouse. It may help you become healthier and more fit.