Struggling With Weight: Fall

fall barn

In high school, I loved the fall, and I still do, although not as much as I did in high school. In high school, football ended the first week of November, which meant I was thinking about my social life again, and ready to lose some of the weight I couldn’t shake during football season. In the latter part of the autumn, I finally had free time, which meant there were more temptations to be lazy and eat too much, but the possibility of a new social life almost always motivated me to lose weight in the fall. Football kept me pretty busy, so I tended not to date as much, or even concern myself with dating, during the season. After football, I was ready to re-enter the social scene, and I knew then, as I know now, that being fit provides a social advantages, so I took my weight loss seriously. It is a shame that just as my diets were beginning, Thanksgiving and Christmas were coming up. It was bad timing on my part, but I managed.

In high school, I recall going to the Y a lot during the fall, and it was during the tail end of the autumn that I usually resumed weight-lifting. Since graduating from all schooling, the fall doesn’t have the social significance it once did, so I haven’t begun many health programs in the fall lately, but I typically do pretty well at continuing them in the fall. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December festivities provide some temptations, but there are strategies to help me avoid putting on the pounds during holidays (for example, see my tips for losing weight). To lose weight in the fall, I need to remember to:

– Keep my Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December eating under control

– Make good use of the sunny, warm, fall days, when I can get out and run

– Get out and hike and/or walk on days when it may be too cold to run, but perfect for bundling up and hiking

Image of Southern Ohio fall barn taken by me