Struggling To Lose Weight: Spring

spring 1

As I was thinking about weight loss yesterday, I realized that I often notice seasonal patterns in my weight gain and weight loss. It is difficult to notice overarching seasonal patterns, because I have been fat in all seasons, and thin in all seasons, but there are a few observable patterns. Over the next few days, I will share some of my observations related to each season. I hope that they can help you identify your patterns and confront some of your seasonal issues. Today, I will look at spring.

I have memories of gaining weight in the spring. The reason is simple: I often am successful in losing weight in the winter, and by spring, I become complacent. Common sense dictates that I should actually lose weight in the spring: the weather is getting nicer, and my body is getting out of hibernation mode. However, spring brings complacency for me, and while I am not sure why, I always seem to get really hungry in the spring.

Spring weight gain started in high school. I remember lifting weights a lot my sophomore year in the fall and winter, yet I regularly skipped weight lifting in the spring to hang out with girls. I gained about 15 pounds that spring because I spent most of the time sitting on my butt. My junior year in high school was different, when I started training for a 100 mile bike ride. I spent many nights and weekends riding that bike, and got in great shape!

Nonetheless, spring has more often than not brought complacency. Last year, tortilla chips were my weakness. Man, from March until May, I ate tons of them, with meals and as snacks, often with fresh salsa. I finally had to just get them out of the house, and we rarely buy them to this day! When I go out to eat, I still put them away…but that is another post.

This spring I have had various weaknesses, mainly eating too many meals out because of all the special events I have been involved in lately: prom, the school auction, the New York City trip, honor society induction, spring break with the parents, National Speaker Association meetings, dinner with the visiting retreat team tonight, etc. It seems like there are so many special occasions this spring, and so many occasions for eating too much! It is also harder to exercise regularly when my evenings are busy. I should be able to deal with this, and I have by saving calories certain places, and by exercising more, but this spring has been a real battle.

Below is my special plan to avoid weight gain in the spring:

– Avoid eating too much (since my appetite seems to grow in the spring)

– Get out on the days I can. I love running outside, and since it rains a lot in the spring, getting out often requires some planning

– Connect to the symbol of spring as a time of renewal, and use it to “spring clean” my health