Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

summer scene

I have mentioned before that I come up with really good ideas in church and while running, particularly when running outside. I have been reading the book What a Great Idea: Key Steps Creative People Take, and author Charles Thompson lists 10 settings where people tend to generate their most creative ideas. Before you read the list, take a guess what number one is!

10.While performing manual labor

9. While listening to a sermon in church

8.Upon waking in the middle of the night

7. While exercising

6. During leisure reading

5. During a boring meeting

4. While falling asleep or waking up

3. While commuting

2. While showering or shaving

and number one? I am sure the guys reading this have guessed it…

1. While sitting on the toilet

Image taken by me, of the view from where I sometimes run in the summer. To make the photo more vibrant, I used the FX-Foundry “cross-processing” effect, followed by the “contrast overlay” effect, all freely available using the GIMP.