Weight Loss and Fitness Blogs

What is a better way to keep yourself on track and share your own weight loss experiences? Well, the answer could be starting a weight loss, fitness, or diet blog. This blog is more than just weight loss, and is really about a sort of holistic wellness and health that includes, but is not limited to, weight loss, although weight loss is an important component to what we cover here (remember, we now have the official Life in Your Years Weight Loss Tips Page). This means that posting here is kind of like keeping a weight loss or fitness journal. Unfortunately, food is a tough foe, and I have seen weight loss blogs come and go, but I would like to link to some weight loss blogs I have found that a) are current, and b) may help you in your weight loss efforts. Please note that the majority of such blogs seem to be run by women, so I am not just gravitating to blogs run by females (note to my lovely wife)!

You’d Be So Pretty If…

Pretty-Face Heather

Discipline or Regret

A Merry Life

Chronicles of a Diet Drop-Out

The Token Fat Girl

I Don’t Want to Die from a Heart Attack When I am 25

Escape from Obesity*

Take some time to visit these blogs and offer some encouragement. Also, I just love the names of the blogs…very creative titles!

*- When I read the URL of this one, I thought it was “escape from mobesity,” and I thought, “hmm, is “mobesity” a trendy way of saying “morbid obesity?” Feel free to use that one folks.