Cross Country Skiing

I’m definitely a summer kind of guy…the outdoor running, the golf course, the swimming pool, and so on. Even the YMCA is great in the summer because no one is there! Spring is great too. Oh, and fall is beautiful. But, don’t ask me about winter. Winter is the time when it gets cold and snowy with bad roads and the days are short. So, in other words, it leads to anxiety and cabin fever. Oh, and the gym is usually jam packed. Winter is not the best of time for working out or having life in your years. So, I wanted to find something that would make winter a little more enjoyable and asked for cross country skis for Christmas. Basically, I see this as having value for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a way to actually enjoy winter. Rather than dreading snow, I can look at it as a chance to get in some skiing. And, since I live in the “snow belt” and have several parks nearby that offer XC skiing, I feel like the ski purchase should be worthwhile. I doubt I’ll ever get excited about snow (driving and all), but this will help. Second, it’s another little bit of variety in my excercise routine. It never hurts to find diverse ways of burning calories to avoid boredom. With this and karate, my normal routine has become much more exciting. I’ll give more updates as I actually practice my skiing.