Fitday 2.0 is Here

I love Fitday, a fact that I explain in my post, The Basic Math of Losing Weight. There is a new version of Fitday out, Fitday 2.0, and my brother and I downloaded it today as a kind of gift to ourselves this Christmas. Fitday’s website has no information about this new release of Fitday, although customer service told me they will be rolling it out officially soon.

Based on my initial impression of Fitday 2.0, there are very few differences between versions 1.0 and 2.0. The design is a little more sleek, but otherwise it is very similar to the design of 1.0. The food database has been updated with new foods, including more fast food items, but Fitday 2.0 still tracks the same number of nutrients that 1.0 tracked. It would have been nice if the new version would have included some new nutrients, like Lutein or Omega-3 fats. Also (if the creators of Fitday are listening), it would be nice to be able to customize a food to include any nutrient and value, e.g. the program could have the flexibility to allow me to input “Vitamin Z,” and assign an adequate intake, and and input values to any food for this made-up vitamin in grams, milligrams, micrograms, or International Units. This would make it truly customizable.

The only major new feature of Fitday 2.0 is the ability to sync the software with an online premium Fitday account (which costs $5.95 per month). This means you can update your Fitday at work, away from home, etc, and synchronize it with your software…a nice feature, but not really worth the price for my situation.

Fitday is great software. I use it regularly. It has many helpful features and reports, which have definitely helped me lose weight. I recommend it to anybody who needs to track their food intake and activity. I wish Fitday 2.0 offered more improvements over version 1.0, but nonetheless, I am very happy with Fitday 2.0 as a continuation of an already great product. Below are some screenshots of Fitday 2.0 (some of the first available online actually).

Below is the overview screen, which shows that over the last few days, I have allowed myself to eat a little more during the first few days of the holidays. I’ll be back on track starting tomorrow though.

fitday 2.0 screenshot 1

Below is the Fitday activity log, which shows that I did lift and play some racquetball on Christmas Eve, which helped blunt some of the impact of Christmas-related eating.

fitday 2.0 screenshot 2

Below is my food log, which shows that on December 24th, I didn’t eat too badly, although I notice the word “cookie” shows up a lot (what I ate on Christmas is my business!)

fitday 2.0 screenshot 3