Reconsidering Splenda

Every Friday I go to Tim Horton’s for coffee. One week I drive, my buddy buys. The other week, he drives and I buy. I even jokingly refer to Fridays as “Saint Tim Horton’s Day.” Without hesitation, I order a large coffee, with cream, three Splendas, and a shot of Pumpkin Spice flavoring. I may have to reconsider the Splenda, because a new study shows that it may have problematic side effects.

Based on animal studies, Splenda reduces the amount of “good bacteria” in the gut by 50 percent, increases PH level in the intestine, and may even cause weight gain.

Personally, I try to balance my use of sweetners. I generally use Stevia at home, and Equal or Splenda at work. This way, I am not putting all of my eggs into one basket, in terms of bad side effects. Stevia seems to be the safest of the three.

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