Is it Okay to Break Open a Fish Oil Capsule?

Somebody searched this phrase to get to our site, so I thought I would answer the question.

From my personal experience, yes, it is okay to break open a fish oil softgel and consume the contents inside. However, remember, we are not talking about tasty olive oil here, but fish oil, so don’t be surprised if, when you break it open, it smells and tastes like FISH.

I know what fish oil tastes like from experience. I bring some vitamins to work to take with lunch. One day, when I brought my lunch to work, I kept it in the refrigerator until lunch. Brilliant me decided to keep the fish oil softgel in the bag with the almonds, which was in my lunch bag, because I refrigerate my open fish oil softgels (so they won’t go rancid quickly). By lunch, I had forgotten there was a fish oil softgel in the bag with my almonds, and when I bit down into a handful of almonds, I felt a squirt of fish oil burst in my mouth. It was not a pleasant experience. Needless to say I don’t mix softgels with almonds anymore.