How to Lose Weight: #18 Go With Feeling Good

As we lose weight, we start to look and feel better. This is noticeable almost immediately. However, food and inactivity are strong addictions, and sometimes it is easy to let ourselves forget how well we look and feel, and start to depend on things like sugar and fat for our feelings of worth. Personally, I will take self-respect derived from discipline that results in feeling good, than a pseudo-respect that results in initial feelings of satisfaction, but fades into feeling (and looking) bad. Basically, I am suggesting that we need to tap into the good things that are happening in our lives because of being healthy, and emphasize these any time we start to fall off the wagon. Weight loss is a struggle, but there are very tangible rewards that result from even slight weight loss.

I think we need to go with feeling good, that is, remind ourselves how good we feel and look from our weight loss. I can think of two examples just recently of how I tried to put this into action.

A few days ago, I was the chaperon for our homecoming dance. It was catered by a local restaurant, and I ate a good bit, mainly because I had run 5 miles and lifted for 40 minutes a few hours earlier, and I needed the calories (especially the protein). However, as I was tempted to eat a lot of potato chips later in the night, I remembered how good I have been feeling lately. I looked around at dancing students, and I thought about much it means to me, and them, that at 30 I am in good enough shape to keep up with them on the basketball court. I was grateful for where I am, and that alone was enough for me to forgo a bunch of chips (I did eat a few).

Another example happened yesterday morning. Jennifer and I were walking after church, and I remarked how nice a day it was, and how great it is that we are able to walk, and how I enjoyed being in shape. What does it hurt to focus on what we have accomplished? It doesn’t hurt, and in fact, it should help keep you on the path of health.

One way to think about weight loss is focus on the long haul. We can’t recapture our youth, nor should we obsess about something impossible like that, but we can improve the way we feel now and in the future. If we are healthy, and stay healthy, we know we are doing our part to look and feel better in the future.

Image of Jennifer walking (I am behind her taking the photo)