Diet Wisdom for Today

Chad offers some good weight loss advice at his blog; my favorite line:

Deny yourself. Say no to yourself more than yes. If your tempted to say yes, distract yourself with something healthy like pounding a liter of water or going for a brisk walk to the nice bathrooms on the other side of your employer’s campus.

Also, a recent survey of over 7000 people who have kept the weight off for a year or more found that successful people did the following four things: Participate in aerobic activity at least 1 hour or more a day, focus on watching calories, keep food logs, and choose healthier and lower fat foods.

I like reading about studies, but also people’s advice, like Chad’s. The way I figure it, as difficult as weight loss is, collecting wisdom from every source possible is helpful, even if ultimately you don’t take the complete advice of any one person.