I haven’t been much of a basketball player over the years. Even though I played football and some baseball in high school, I stopped playing basketball formally in 6th grade. However, I am currently good friends with our basketball coach, and I do athletic administrative work for the school, so I was asked to play basketball with the kids during the off-season. Reluctantly, I agreed. I say “reluctantly” because I really hadn’t played in years, except perhaps playing with friends in high school, and I tend to avoid situations in which I know I’ll make a fool of myself!

I have really enjoyed it though. It is very good exercise, and I have been getting in really good shape as I lose the last few pounds I started to lose a year ago. I have taken off about 10 pounds in the last 2 months, and that has really helped me get down the court faster than I did in the spring (when I started playing again), even though I wasn’t obese then by any means. I love keeping up with the kids. My skills aren’t the greatest (although they are really improving), but the kids know that this 30-year old will be keeping up with them the whole time. I am not the tallest guy, but I love defense, especially getting rebounds. The competition keeps me going a lot longer than if I were just running by myself. I have come to really appreciate the value of sports. I have never had a low opinion of them, but seeing improvements in myself and our basketball players makes me appreciate the hard work that goes into making it work.

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