My Employer Gets Serious About Wellness

I recently received a wellness newsletter in my email at work and talked to the lady who wrote it. She informed me that my employer (I’m a teacher) was focusing on wellness. I figured that it would be the standard effort like newsletters, emails, a few talks, etc. Boy was I wrong! I went to the cafeteria today and every food at the main lunch line now had the nutrition information listed, including the prepared salads! Also, I saw one of the lunch staff unloading organic lettuce for the salad bar. I wonder what else is going on “under the radar.” Granted, my school has incredible food and food service, but this just blew me away. Not only did I avoid most of the hot food due to high calorie content, but so did several other teachers. In other words, information is power and nutrition knowledge did make a difference and that was just among those people I happened to run into. I can’t wait to see what else this wellness drive has to offer. So far, I’m very impressed.