Change #13: Drink More Water

I certainly got my fair share of water, if you could count coffee, but since it actually can dehydrate you, it probably didn’t count. One of my major changes in the journey from fat to fit was drinking more water and by that I mean nice, cold, usually filtered water, not coffee or anything else. I drank coffee, tea, sugar free juice drinks, etc. too, but not instead of good old H20. I found that in many ways I had to force myself to actually drink water at times. For example, I pledged to drink water each time I passed a drinking fountain at work since I usually didn’t have water until lunch. I took a water bottle with me to the gym and generously consumed it. I drank a lot of it in the evening to recover from my workout. However, I had to cut back slightly because I was waking up several times at night to go to the bathroom. I read that drinking 16 oz. of cold water first thing in the morning can raise metabolism and have done that regularly too. I don’t know if it’s helped my metabolic rate, but I do know that I feel refreshed and more energetic. Basically, we dehydrate our bodies for 8 hours at night and that morning infusion seems to help in numerous ways.

Image of water flowing from natural spring, taken by David