On My MP3 Player This Month

Chad (By the way, congrats on running 6 miles in a workout!) got me thinking about music and working out. I got a free Coby MP3 player by taking Harris Poll surveys online over the years, and I have been faithfully using it when I workout. Ever since I began “working out”  at age 15 in 1993, I have used music to help the workout process. I started out using a cassette walkman, progressed to using CDs, and now I use an MP3 player. In high school, I made my own exercise mix tapes. I am not really into what is traditionally thought of as “workout music,” meaning dance beat stuff. I prefer listening to music that is fairly upbeat and that inspires me in one way or another (and if there is a dance beat version of that song, even better). The first tape I listened to while working out was a collection of songs by Barry McGuire, a 60s folk-rock singer who gave us the hit “Eve of Destruction.” I also remember working out to Rod Stewart’s “Reason to Believe,” Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane,” and Harry Chapin’s “A Better Place to Be,” and other songs that might not be thought of as workout music, but that inspired me. Studies show that music extends workouts, and one study showed an average lengthening of 8 minutes. Here is what is on my MP3 Player right now:

Viva La Vida (Regular and Dance Mixes) – Coldplay

Lost (Regular and Acoustic) – Coldplay

Lovers in Japan – Coldplay

Violet Hill (Dance Mix) – Coldplay

Halloweenhead – Ryan Adams

The End – Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

Live Out in the Dark – Slobberbone

Lumberlung – Slobberbone

September’s High – The Drams

Wondrous Life – The Drams

You’re It – The Cash Brothers

Shadow of Doubt – Cash Brothers

Fireflies – Rhett Miller

Rollerskate Skinny – The Old 97s

Up the Devil’s Pay – The Old 97s

Girls in Their Summer Clothes – Bruce Springsteen

Radio Nowhere – Bruce Springsteen

Too Bad That You’re Gone – The Two Dollar Pistols

I admit my tastes in music probably aren’t what could be described as “popular,” although Coldplay is pretty popular right now I guess. I have linked to Imeem to some of the songs above. By the way, Imeem is a great, legal, way to listen to full-length tunes!

So what are you listening to??