Change #11: Do It Yourself

There are many types of activities that we frequently automate or pay someone else to do that burn a lot of calories. This could include doing yardwork or housework. My personal example came last winter when we bought a new house and had to deal with the issue of snow (we live in the Ohio snowbelt) on our driveway. Paying someone to plow our driveway would cost around 500 dollars; I could do it for free. I discovered that shoveling the driveway was not only cost effective, but also darn good exercise! In fact, snow shoveling burns around 7 calories a minute and judging by my soreness the next day, also works the muscles pretty nicely! It’s time to return to the old days and do more things by hand or personally rather than having a machine or someone else do it.

PS- Sorry for missing a day. I have cellulitis on my leg and have been pretty consumed by that. Please keep me in your prayers.