Savings Tip: Hold the AC

Rising energy costs drive most of us crazy. Energy costs are going up while incomes stagnate. It makes it worse when temperatures skyrocket into the 90s. I have a little personal challenge, and that is to use the Air Conditioning as little as possible. I become proud when I hear my neighbors’ Air conditioning units kick on, and I know I don’t have to use mine. Here are my tips to save money on the Air Conditioning:

Sweat it out a little – You’re sitting in your house in jeans, shirt, and socks, and 74 is just too hot? Well, put on shorts and flip-flops (or even less…just make sure the windows are closed!), and you might not be as hot. I have found that I can generally tolerate about 78 degrees comfortably.

Open A Window or Three – I have found that when I open the door and a few windows, it creates suction, sending a nice breeze through the house. It won’t provide the same feeling as AC, but it will cool the house down a few degrees and make you feel cooler.

Use a Fan to Take Advantage of Cool Nights – During the hot parts of Spring, Fall, and some of summer, we get a lot of cooler nights (cooler than the day at least). One trick I have learned is to wait until the temperature drops for the night, put a fan in the window, turn it on high, and blow in air that is cooler than the house. My house usually holds in heat from the day, and this quickly cools it.

Challenge Yourself – See how many days you can avoid the AC. How many times does your AC kick on when you actually feel fine? Examine your AC usage, and challenge your family to reduce your AC usage, and see lower energy bills.

This photo is from the winter. Maybe it will make you feel a little cooler.